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Terms and Conditions – Credit Card Payments

These terms and conditions apply to all credit card payments made to www.delicious-escorts.com
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Content and Escort Material

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  • Profile picture that contain exposed genitals have to be blurred out or they will be removed from the site.
  • www.delicious-escorts.com recommends that each new profile has their pictures verified by www.delicious-escorts.com
  • All models on this Website are over the age of +18 years.
  • We accept only members, independent models, escort agencies and strip clubs on the Website.
  • Each profile will be reviewed by our teams before the profile is made public

Refund policy

If a member is not happy with the service www.delicious-escorts.com supplies, the users may ask for a refund within 24 hours after the purchase was done as long as the reason for the refund was a genuine reason and not something www.delicious-escorts.com can rectify immediately.


www.delicious-escorts.com has the right to terminate a profile that violates any of the terms and conditions above. A member may terminate their profile also, but no refund on ad payment will be made for any time remaining on the advert


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