They would ask you to shower and make yourself look presentable before you meet one of the gorgeous Escorts. They will spend a lot of time making themselves look sexy for you and would appreciate that you do the same for them. They love nothing more than their customers looking smart and smelling nice.
It's really appreciated if you could let your Escort know as soon as possible about the cancellation. We do hope that you do not miss out completely and make another booking for a different date and time.
I am sure that once you have met your Escort for the night, your nerves will disappear. They will make you feel at ease by talking to you first. They will see what you like and what you expect out of this experience. You can then go from there. There really isn’t anything to be nervous about.
It will really depend on who you choose. Some of our Escorts don’t mind being filmed so when making a booking, please let them know of any special requests you may have and they can let you know if this is possible.
Yes of course. If you see someone you like, then just let them know and they will check to see if she is available for you at your desired time. If they is not available for that night, Your Escort can then let you know when they will be available.
Some of our Escorts do not mind being booked together, so when making a booking, if you can let them know that you would like more than one Escort for the night, They can tell you if this is possible with the combination of Escorts you have chosen.
You will be able to book the Escort directly by their page where they will have their telephone number for you to use.
This is very unlikely. Our Escorts will only cancel if there is an emergency or they are very ill. They will notify you as soon as possible if there is a problem and will offer you one of our other stunning Escorts.
If you would like another date with one of our stunning Escorts, then you will have to book this through our agency. We will do all the booking and take any payments that are required.
No one will ever find out. Delicious Escorts are very discreet. We will never pass on your details or contact you unless you have made a booking via our contact page and we need to confirm this with you.
Some of our Escorts will agree to stay with you for the whole weekend if they are not booked up with another clients. If you go away, then you must pay for travel expenses and accommodation. Please let them know in advance and they will do their best to accommodate your every request.
When you request one of our Escorts, please state any special requirements you may have. If you would like her to wear something that she doesn’t have, then you can purchase this for her and she would be happy to wear it within reason.
Yes of course you can, our Escorts are happy to entertain anyone with a disability. Just let them know if there are any special requirements they would need to know about.
Some of our Escorts offer both in-call and outcall services. If you take a look at their profile, they will say whether they do both or not. Some are happy for you to visit their home where some do not want this. They would rather meet their clients at another location.
No unfortunately there are no discounts. You will be paying the relevant fees for the time with them. All the Escorts charge their own fees so this will be non-negotiable.
Yes of course it is. Delicious Escorts are always looking for new Escorts to join our team. If you would like to fill out the form on our registration page, please upload some photos of yourself, we will then get back in touch with you as soon as confirming your inclusion if fee is paid.
There are many advantages to becoming an Escort. You get paid to socialise and talk to people. You get taken out to nice places, wine and dined at the finest restaurants and get to have fun with some really lovely customers. You can choose the hours you want to work on the days that are suitable for you. Finally, you get to work for one of the best Escort agencies around. What more can we say.